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What Is The NYO&W WebTrain ?

   The NYO&W WebTrain is a web ring operated by the NYO&W (Model) Railway Co.. This web ring is designed to link together web sites that contain information related to the O&W and the region of the United States that she served. However, any railroad related site is welcome to open a WebTrain station.
   The railroads covered by this web ring include (but are not limited to) the NYO&W, NYS&W, M&U / M&NJ, D&N, U&D, UV, RW&O, D&H, DLW, ERIE, LNE, LHR, CNJ, LV, NYC, NH, PC, CR, CSX, NS, CP Rail, St.L&H.

How Do I Join The NYO&W WebTrain ?

  1. Does the above description fit your site? Remember that the latest round mergers has brought CSX and NS into the O&W's territory. If your not sure, feel free to submit your site anyway. All new sites will be reviewed by the Ringmaster before they are added to the ring. This review is to insure that the ring's link code was entered correctly, and that the site complies with The NYO&W WebTrain's Guidelines.
  2. You need to read and agree to the Guidelines below. It is your responsibility to know what is expected of you before you join the ring. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in denial of your site to the WebTrain.
  3. After you have read and agreed to the Guidelines, you need to fill in the Site Submission Form and push the button marked 'Submit Site'. This will place your site in the queue.
  4. The Ringmaster will check your site within 1 week of submission to see if the ring's code has been placed on your site and that your site is in compliance with the Guidelines. If everything checks out Ok, your site will be moved to the ring. If it doesn't, you will receive an e-mail reminder.
  5. You have 30 days to add the code to your site. If the code is not in place by then , your site will be removed from the queue.
  6. Once your site is part of the WebTrain you can use the Account Edit Logon Form below to edit your site information or view your required HTML. Please make sure you are using the correct HTML code to provide continuity throughout the ring.



   The following must be adhered to for your site to be moved from the queue to the ring. If your site strays from these guidelines before or after your site is added to the ring, it will be removed from the ring entirely without prior notice.
   These guidelines may change from time to time and it is your responsibility to check this page for changes. Not adhering to a guideline after it is changed will be grounds for movement to the queue until the new guideline is met. If you do not agree with new guidelines after they are added, you are free to remove yourself from the ring, or to ask the RingMaster to remove your site.

Site Specific Information

  1. Your site must not contain any type of adult material, or any material that would earn your site a rating higher then G. This includes, but is not limited to, adult language, sexual situations, and intercourse. The RingMaster will have sole discretion in determining a sites suitability for the ring.
  2. Any pages containing the required Web Ring HTML code must contain information about railroads, model railroading, rail fanning, or any other railroad related material. The page may include other information as long as it does not break any of these guidelines.
  3. Commercial railroad sites or railroad dealer sites are allowed (and welcomed) to join the WebTrain with no special requirements other then those listed in these Guidelines.

The Required NYO&W WebTrain Code

  1. You are required to include the WebTrain Code shown to the right on the page that you register with the NYO&W WebTrain on the form below. Any site not displaying this code will be removed from the WebTrain without prior notice. The ring only works if a viewer can continue through the entire ring until he returns to the page he started.
    The NYOW WebTrain
      [Reverse] [Forward] [Random] [Next 5] [List] [Join]  
  2. Placing the required code solely on a page set up only for web rings will not be allowed under any circumstances. The WebTrain links must be visible to anyone visiting your site, whether they found you through the ring or any other link.
  3. DO NOT cut the code on this page and paste it onto your page! This code is set up for this site and your code will differ slightly. You will be given a ring number for your site and your code will include that ring number.
  4. If you do need to copy this code for your page, you must change the number after "id=" in the Reverse, Forward, and the Next 5 links to your ring id number for the code to work for your site. Sites with incorrect site id numbers in their code will not be added to the ring until the proper code is added!

Guidelines Specific to Frame Usage

  1. All web ring links must also include code to break out of your frames - 'target="_top"' (this is included by default).
  2. Any site that uses frames must also include the required web ring code in the HTML file that sets up your frames. This will allow people using browsers that do not support frames to continue through the ring.
  3. When adding the code to your page, make sure you add it to the main page as well.

Guidelines Specific to
WebTrain Code Modification

  1. Slight modifications to the code will be accepted as long as all six of the links remain intact.
  2. The use of Javascript is not allowed for this ring. Any site adding Javascript to their web ring code will be removed from the ring without prior notice.
  3. Omitting The NYO&W WebTrain Banner will not be allowed. If your site does not show the graphic, it will be removed from the ring.
  4. There is ONLY 1 exception to these rules...Sites that are implementing the HTML Writers Guild or W3 Accessibility Guidelines , may use appropriate textual replacements for the Banner and table.
   Please Note: The RingMaster reserves the right to reject submissions for sites that do not follow the above guidelines. Any site can be removed from the ring at any time if the site strays from the above guidelines. Guidelines may change from time to time and it is your responsibility to check for new guidelines.



   After you have read all of the Guidelines above and are ready to join the WebTrain, you will need to fill in ALL of the information below. Your site will be added to the queue until the RingMaster has the chance to verify that you have added the proper code and adds you to the ring.

   Queued sites are checked at least once every week for the proper code. If you wish to speed this process along, you may send an email to the The RingMaster when you have added the code. Please note that all of the information is required for submission. Any site that does not contain the required code within 30 days of submission will be removed from the queue without warning.
Site Title :
This should be the first page of your site or the main page of the railroad related section. The ring's code can placed on as many pages as you like. Please do NOT remove the "http://" !
Site URL :
Your Name :
Your E-mail Address :
You must now choose a password for your account. You will use this password after you have become a member of the ring to make modifications to your ring account. Make sure you use something that you won't forget as it CAN NOT be retrieved once this information has been entered into the database. 
Password :
To allow other railroaders locate your page quickly and easily, you may enter up to 20 keywords which will be used in a search function to be added when time permits. You may delete the default keywords if you desire.
Keywords :
Describe what your site has to offer to the web public. This will help others find your site in the NYO&W WebTrain index. 
Description :


Account Edit Logon Form

   If you need to make changes to your NYO&W WebTrain account, enter your Site ID and Password below. You will be able to change all of the information for your page including title, URL, and keywords. Please remember to review the Guidelines listed above before you make modifications to your account.
Site ID :
Password :

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