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The Auburn Branch

The Auburn Branch Of The
New York & Oswego Midland Railroad

Compiled by Richard Palmer

   It has been said that, no matter what you are looking for, it's somewhere out there on the information super-highway, aka. the Internet. These people are obviously not railfans, and have never gone looking for detailed info on the O&W or one of it's predecessors! SMILEY FACE Over the last few years the historical material available about the Old Woman on the web has been greatly expanded thanks to the efforts of the O&W RHS website and their webmaster, Ron Vassallo; Ken Hojnacki's Kodtrak Kountry ; and AJ Kleipass' MUTT.

   Now, thanks to the hard work of Mr. Richard Palmer, we can start to piece together yet another interesting chapter in the history of this remarkable railroad. In an effort to shed some light on one of, if not THE, least known branchlines of the New York, Ontario & Western Ry.'s predecessor, the New York & Oswego Midland Railroad, Mr. Palmer has spent many hours compiling the newspaper abstracts and historical information presented on the following pages.

   The "Auburn Project" isn't a be-all, end-all history of the branch, but is an on-going work in progress that, we hope, will help you to see the birth and death of the Auburn Branch from the viewpoint of the 19th century men and women in the towns along this line. These people, like many others in the early days of railroading, put so many of the hopes and dreams into the coming of the railroad only to have all of them, along with the money they invested in " Midland Bonds ", vanish in a puff of smoke a few short years later.

   Mr. Palmer, formerly of Auburn, NY and now residing in Tully, NY, has published numerous historical articles about central New York State, on subjects from railroads to the United States Civil War. He is also the noted author of Butter and Cheese Express, a history of the NY&OM's Auburn Branch which is published by the Chenango County ( NY ) Historical Society.

Copies of Butter & Cheese Express can be ordered for $6.00 USD each from :

Chenango County Historical Society
45 Rexford Street
Norwich, NY, 13015


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